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Victoria Market Melbourne - the largest in the southern hemisphere

We'd passed Victoria Market Melbourne during our earlier visits to the city when on various tram rides and Alison had always expressed a wish to actually visit it.

This wish was realised in 2013. As it is one of the stops on the route of the free tourist shuttle bus, we elected to take that.

Queen Victoria Market Melbourne

The impressive entrance

This was the year that Alison's Dad accompanied us to Melbourne and, as he had nothing better to do, he tagged along, too. Now, I know you'll see images further down this page showing both men and women browsing the market, but I'm willing to bet that the men were dragged along by their other halves. This was certainly the case for me! Alison's Dad and I left her to her own devices, while we found somewhere to sit in the shade (it was a swelteringly hot day).

The place is impressive, nonetheless, so here's what Victoria Market Melbourne has to offer:

Food stalls in Victoria Market Melbourne


Of course, as a market, it features numerous stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables. You also have the opportunity of buying meats, poultry and seafood. For something extra special, there are gourmet and deli foods available, too.

I also recall seeing wine for sale, at very reasonable prices.

There's also a major non-food presence within the market, with clothes, shoes, jewellery, plus indigenous arts and crafts for sale.

Clothes stalls in Victoria Market Melbourne

Amongst all the bustle, we managed to find a small cafe, where we stopped for a coffee. It had a nice selection of deli items for sale, too, but we didn't partake. There are numerous other outlets dotted about the place, selling fast food and snacks.

During the hanging about period with Alison's Dad, I noticed a van selling hot doughnuts. Little did I know that this humble van has been operating outside Victoria Market Melbourne for over 50 years and is one of its most well known traditions! Shame I didn't try one.

The market, a major tourist destination, is open every day except Monday and Wednesday. In the summer, on Wednesday evenings, there is a night market, where you'll be able to dine, enjoy a drink and listen to live music.

Covering an area of 17 acres, you could easily pass a couple of hours there.

The interior of Victoria Market Melbourne


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